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Bessemer AL Hotels

Types of Rooms in Bessemer AL Hotels

Bessemer AL hotels offer a range of amenities and different types of rooms. When you're booking a room at a suburban hotel, you may be wondering which type of room you should choose. To give you a sense of the potential, take a look at these options.

King Bed Rooms

When you book a King Room at a suburban hotel near Birmingham, you get to enjoy the spacious comfort of a king-size bed as well as a TV, fridge, and microwave. In some cases, these rooms just feature a king bed with a table and chair, but if you upgrade to the King Bed Sofa Room, you also get a pull-out sofa, making these rooms ideal if you're traveling with one or more children.

Queen Room

The classic option for most Bessemer AL hotels, the Queen room features two queen size beds, providing space for up to four adults to sleep comfortably. You also get access to amenities such as a TV, microwave, fridge, and a table and chair.

ADA Compliant

Whether you want to book a king or queen room or upgrade to a suite, you can find these options in ADA compliant rooms. To accommodate the needs of guests with mobility limitations, these rooms offer ADA compliant features such as wheel-in showers, and of course, even though pets are not allowed at the hotel, you can bring service animals into these rooms.

Two-Room Suites

If you want to spread out, a two-room suite is an ideal option. You get a sitting room with a pull-out couch and a TV as well as a room for sleeping.

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