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Mid Scale Hotel

Why You Should Choose a Mid Scale Hotel

When you're traveling, you have the option to stay at a variety of hotels. You can choose a low-budget motel or a high-end luxury hotel. At the Hamilton Inn Bessemer, we believe that a mid scale hotel is almost always the best option. Take a look at these reasons.


When you book at the Hamilton Inn Bessemer or a similar hotel, you get to enjoy an affordable rate. You should expect to pay more than you do at a very low-end hotel, but in exchange, you get access to a nicer room with more amenities.
At the same time, you don't have to shell out a lot of money like you would at a more upscale location where the rooms are virtually the same as you find at a mid-scale spot.

Ample Amenities

At a mid scale hotel, you get access to the amenities you need the most. This includes essentials in your room such as a fridge and microwave for heating up and storing food and a large flat-screen TV with a variety of channels. The common areas of the hotel offer you a business center, a seasonal outdoor pool, and a fitness room.
Often, upscale hotels offer more amenities, but they tend to cost double or even triple the price of a mid-range hotel. As a result, many travelers end up paying for amenities that they will never even use. Mid scale hotels give you the perfect balance of the amenities you need with a budget-friendly price.

Ideal for Recreational or Business Travel

Mid-range hotels are ideal for both recreational and business travel. If you are traveling for business, you can easily jump on the WiFi to check in with the office, or you can even head to the business center if you need to print or fax something. Then, at the end of a long day, you can work off some stress in the fitness room.
When traveling with the family, you can keep room costs relatively low. During summer, you can explore the area, and then relax with the family around the pool, and during the winter, you can all cuddle up to watch a movie together in the room with some snacks from the snack center.

Hot Breakfast Buffets

As an added bonus, mid scale hotels also help you save money on dining costs thanks to a hot breakfast buffet at the hotel. When breakfast is included, you save a lot compared to eating out. Many low-end hotels offer free breakfast, but they typically just do a cold buffet with muffins or doughnuts. As a result, most families end up spending more at a restaurant because these budget breakfasts are not filling.
To learn more about the benefits of staying at mid scale hotels, book a room with us today.

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